Prima Ballerina, Art Producer, Ballet Promotion Ambassador of“China Association of Social & Culture Exchange”, CEO of Beijing Oriantal Swan Culture & Media Co.,Ltd.

Sisi Qiu started ballet at her age 7 in Guangzhou and then joined the Shanghai Dance Academy with her special talent as an unconventional admission Transferred Student. After graduation, she went to Germany for further education and received her Dance Degree from Mannheim Music & Performing Art University. She joined the famed Munich National Ballet in 2002 and showed a high talent in career. Then she got her MBA degree specialized in “Luxury Goods & Fashion Art Industry” of Mod'Art International in Paris. 

She's the youngest artist has been selected as the cover story of the “China Profile” magazine, and she named as “Outstanding Female Artist” of Cartier from “Bazaar”, Annual 100 Influential Ladies 2012 of “INSIDER” magazine, and received the “2014 Outstanding Dancer Award” from Tian Art Foundation, “The Figure” of China News Weekly 2016, and Director of “Committee 2005”.

Sisi Qiu is involving in different artistic activities as Dancer, Creative Producer, Choreographer, Publisher, Filmmaker and Installation Artist in recent years. She's the producer and leading role for “L'amour en Pointe” Ballet Gala which she invited the well-known French Pianist Richard Clayderman as a celebration for the “China-France 50 Years”. She organized the “Chinese L'amant” Ballet Gala at Reignwood Theatre for the Chinese Valentine's Day, and Ballet “Chopin en Pointe” touring for Chopin 200's Anniversary. She performed with Andrea Bocelli, Lang Lang, Lv Siqing together for the unforgettable classical evening “BRAVO CHINA” in ltaly. She brought the famous Chinese writer Wang Shuo's masterpiece “Half flame, Half Seawater” into ballet on stage, she made the frist “Ballet meets Piano” Concert at NCPA. She created the first ballet piece at the “2013 New Year's Concert” with the top Israel Philharmonic and Zubin Mehta at the Great Hall of the People. Sisi Qiu had also published Maestro Zubin Mehta's first autobiography “The Score of My Life” into Chinese Version. She made a Microfilm <Le Sacre du Printemps> for a love story of Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky at “The Rite of Spring 100 years Anniversary”. And she is the first  Crossover dancer who hold an installation artwork exhibition at the TREE MUSEUM.

Sisi Qiu, “An Oriental Swan Princess who dancing with her flexible and expressive force body like the violin string” was highly acclaimed by the press media.