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There are two ways to pick an ideal musical instrument: one is to spend a large amount of money on a world-renowned instrument; the other is to spend a large amount of time on picking one from tons of choices.

Now there’s a third way to save your money and time: to buy an instrument that has been certified by world-class musicians!



MajorArts Instruments

Major Music proudly presents MajorArts Instruments. Its mission is to assist professional musicians and talented students in choosing their ideal musical instruments of the highest caliber, of which the exceptional tone quality is suitable for the stages of world’s most prestigious concert halls. Recommended by our world-renowned artists, each instrument receives meticulous screening and is critically assessed during its creative process. All our instruments are created by world-class luthiers with excellent craftsmanship and testified by prominent artists. Furthermore, MajorArts Instruments strives to establish closer relationships between our clienteles and esteemed musicians to provide future opportunities to learn, to share, and to communicate. Together, with the unparalleled support from our instruments and outstanding instrumentalists, MajorArts Instruments will elevate your career to a higher level!

Y.Chen Cello

MajorArts Instruments proudly presents the Y.Chen Cello, recommended by internationally renowned cellist Li-Wei Qin. In 2012, one of the Y.Chen Cellos, made by the world-class Chinese luthier Yanbing Chen, won the Silver Medal for Tone, the highest honor of its kind, at the Violin Society of America’s International Violin Making Competition. Established in 1997, Mr. Chen has been making instruments under Y.Chen label for some of the most discerning classical musicians for the last twenty years. Modeled after the small family workshop of masters of the 17th century Italy, it combines old-world craftsmanship with an acute understanding of the need of the modern musician. Y.Chen Cellos stand out especially for its exceptional power and tone quality, and are highly recognized among international soloists and distinguished pedagogues.


The very first time I heard a Y.Chen cello was on the exhibition of the 2016 Piatigorsky International Cello Festival in Los Angeles. The only Chinese cello exhibited, Y.Chen standed out from cellos made by over 20 Western luthiers and caught almost every master cellists’ eyes! My first impression to Y.Chen cello was its astonishing tone and power. Although it was a newly made cello, Y.Chen cello has a sweet sound in higher register, supported by its vigorous lower register, which surprised me greatly. Now the Y.Chen cello I own has almost the same rate of appearance as my Guadagnini! I’ve enjoyed the pleasure that my Y.Chen cello brought to me during my recent tour in Germany and Australia. It would be nice to purchase such a famous old cello as Stradivari, Guarneri, and Guadagnini under a great financial condition. Under other conditions, however, Y.Chen would become the best partner of all cellists considering its extraordinary quality and stability. I’ve been constantly performing on this cello, and I sincerely recommend it to you! I hope it surprises you as much as it has surprised me!

——Li-Wei Qin (Internationally renowned Chinese cellist)

I own a cello made by Y.Chen and had performed on it both recitals and performances with orchestras. I can say that I have only prositive feelings about an instrument. It is quite versatile, with quite good tone and powerful projection. In my opinion it can successfllly compete with majority of modern instruments.

 ——Narek Hakhnazaryan (Gold medalist of the 2011 Tchaikovsky competition)


I have heard cellos of Yanbing Chen on the world’s most important stages in the hands of top players, both in solo and chamber repertoire, and these instruments measure up in every way to some of the greatest cellos I’ve heard of any age or pedigree. Mr. Chen’s inventory, always renewing, of first-class, concert-ready cellos is astounding and should be auditioned by any cellist in the market for a high-performance instrument.

——David Finckel (Former cellist of the Emmerson Quartet)

Yanbing Chen’s cellos are perhaps some of the best modern instruments made today. A Chen cello can also rival the very best instruments of old in every respect including spectacular range, breadth of color, and power. My Chen cello is one of my favorites in a stable of old Italian, French and modern American instruments I have the pleasure of performing on each and every day.

——Nicholas Tavaras (Cellist of the Shanghai Quartet)

Y.Chen Cello’s have a wonderful balance of power, response, and tone. I’ve recommended his instruments to many of my students, some of whom have gone on to major careers with them. So until you saved enough for a Strad or Montagnana, a Y.Chen might be a great instrument to start with!

——Richard Aaron (Cello professor at The Juilliard School)

Going on a friend’s recommendation, I purchased a Y. Chen cello last year on a whim. With many doubting my choice of a cello made from Chinese wood, this particular instrument had a magical quality that intrigued me. It had its own voice, which is a quality even top new Western cellos sometimes lack. Chen's craftsmanship was also praised by some of the top Western luthiers I know, especially in its understanding of the arching. A and D strings are very “bel canto”: warm and generous but with a nice projecting edge to the sound; bass is quite deep, and the cello has tremendous power overall. Still sounds a little new and the sensitivity of response takes some time to break in, but it has improved to a point where it sometimes feels like my own voice and the thought of playing it is now a daily excitement, to the jealousy perhaps of my other cello, a quite exceptionnal 1827 Nicolas Vuillaume. Only time will tell what height of excellence this cello can ultimately reach, for now it is like a dream!

——Julien Gaudfroy(Renowned French Cellist)