"Major Music" is a leader in the classical music industry in China. It is committed to provide a full-scale management and promotion services for the most outstanding domestic and international artists. Major Music represents a roster of distinguished artists-Conductors, Composers, Instrumentalists, Singers, Chamber Ensembles and Dance. We have profound connections with concert halls, theatre groups, music festivals, agencies, and performing arts organizations around the globe. As an artist agency with over 10 years ‘experience, Major Music has developed a professional methodology and exceptional network that integrate the best resources and the best talents, and ultimately enable greater artistic value. With global visions and outlets, we are striving to generate significant cultural exchange activities, open up foreign markets, and bring the world together through the finest art.


In addition, Major Music has successfully planned and executed hundreds of concerts and projects, multiple tours and music festivals; created “M-Space”——a music space that runs through every corner of the city; established “Major Arts Instruments”; provided artistic marketing for various enterprises and organizations; launched music salon and customized high-end private events; held master class, summer camp, and training programs. In the near future, we are going to develop and operate artists’ intellectual property. Major Music is marching on becoming the most comprehensive and influential company in the industry with artist management as center that outspreads to tour management, music festivals, artistic marketing, music education, music IP and many more fields.