美杰中国三重奏 china trio

室内乐 | Chamber Ensembles

China Trio consists of three outstanding Chinese musicians: Violinist Siqing Lu, Cellist Li-Wei Qin, and Pianist Yingdi Sun. Each of the three musicians won top awards from Paganini International Violin Competition (Siqing Lu), International Tchaikovsky Competition (Li-Wei Qin), and International Franz Liszt Piano Competition (Yingdi Sun), which brought them high reputations around the world. They share not only similar experiences in professional music performance, but also the same life style and career goal, making them close friends of each other and well-collaborated partners on stage. With the love to chamber music and the willingness to promote chamber music, three musicians have founded the China Trio and made it the most powerful and influential chamber trio in China.

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室内乐 | Chamber Ensembles

Over the years of its performing career, the Amber Quartet, who represents the highest standard of China Chamber Music, has had concert appearances internationally, leaving footsteps in concert halls throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, and China. They were interviewed by numerous medias worldwide, such as the flagship music magazine "The Strad", Xinhua News Agency, China National Radio, Australia ABC Radio, Australia SBS Radio, Spain National Radio, Spain Euro-Chinese Times, Beijing News, Guangzhou Daily, and Music Times.



室内乐 | Chamber Ensembles

our Stradivaris, perfect musical instruments, find four musicians who bring out of them all the height and depth of human emotion that music can express. Xiaoming Wang forms together with Sebastian Bohren, Lech Antonio Uszynski and Maja Weber the Stradivari Quartet. What unites them is their love of music; what drives them is their enthusiasm for using their musical talent to tell stories; technical perfection is a basic precondition which can be allowed to slip into the background. They breathe life into the completed work: the work of Stradivari and the works of the composers. This love is something that reaches to the heart that can be felt by anyone who is able and willing to listen.


欧洲音乐家室内乐团 CHAARTS

室内乐 | Chamber Ensembles

CHAARTS is an elite classical ensemble from Switzerland that is committed to an open and modular instrumental formation. Inspired by Claudio Abbado’s Lucerne Festival Orchestra, former members of the Mahler Chamber Orchestra founded CHAARTS in 2010. Since then they have been inviting members of internationally successful chamber music ensembles, soloists, concertmasters, and wind soloists from leading European orchestras. Consisting of ensembles formed of 12 to 50 players, CHAARTS has collaborated with musicians from the Casal Quartet, Julia Fischer Quartet, Gémeaux Quartet, Stradivari Quartet, Schumann Quartet, Berlin and Vienna philharmonics, Academy for Ancient Music Berlin, Zürich Opera House, Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Mahler Chamber Orchestra, Basel Chamber Orchestra, and Concerto Köln.



室内乐 | Chamber Ensembles

China Horn Ensemble is founded in 2015 by the horn teacher of Central Conservatory of Music, Yi Man. Our members are outstanding horn musicians throughout the nation and overseas.In the past few years, horn musicians from China gradually gained international attentions. They have become a new stream, whether holding signifiant positions in China or serving as principal players all over the world. These young and talented musicians gathered together as an ensemble. It is not only the youngest, but also the best horn ensemble in Asia.